Ballistic Basics

The Most Complete Ballistic-Reloading Software Package Available Today!

For your protection and Peace of Mind Ballistic Basics 14 downloads
are now available from my Secured Cloud Server!

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Current Version 14.0.200 (Updated MAR 2023)

The setup file must be run in normal mode. If prompted by your anti-virus software do not select
to run in the SandBox or any protected area. (Select Run Normally)

*Please note the Anti-Piracy Software that I use to protect my application can cause some Anti-Virus
Programs to detect an application high jack attempt or may block the software for suspicious activity.
If prompted allow the software to run 'Normally'or create an exception for Ballistic Basics.exe.
Example shown of Avast warning...
Open Normally

Ballistic Basics Version 14 Full Downloads

Non Java Enabled Link: Downoad Ballistic Basics 14 Full Install

Due to a recent stroke I have changed the software from Shareware to Freeware.
I did this becouse I was uncertain about the level of support I could provide.
I do still plan on supporting and working on the project when I am able.
Until then I have set up a donate page where you may donate to support the project.

You do not need to Donate to use the program.

If you wish to Support the project click the button below you will be directed to my PayPal page

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