Due to a recent stroke I have changed the software from Shareware to Freeware.
I did this becouse I was uncertain about the level of support I could provide.
I do still plan on supporting and working on the project when I am able.
Until then I have set up a donate page where you may donate to support the project.

You do not need to Donate to use the program.

If you wish to Support the project click the button below you will be directed to my PayPal page

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Ballistic Basics Your all in One Ballistics and Reloading Software. Calculating your ammunition's ballistics performance at all ranges is key to making successful shots on targets and in the field. Using Ballistic Basics allows you to both analyze and understand a wide variety of ballistics information. Ballistic Basics helps you to improve your accuracy and performance by designing the optimal load for your gun and by letting you visualize how different ammunition component combinations can affect your ability to hit a target... so no more relying on traditional ballistics tables. Features