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By Bazoesoft®

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The Most Complete Ballistics - Reloading Software Program Available Today

From the desktop to the field and everything in between, we've got you covered!

Please be patient while the page loads...
There are a ton of pictures of the program for you to view.

I have added local based PDF format manuals and catalogs for when
an Internet connection is not available. There is also a new
searchable and exportable database with many of the loads from the manuals.
Includes over 1600 new BC's for the latest bullets.
The Bullet Grabber now also includes all the new Bullet and BC information.
Finally there is a new emergency sight in target tool.

Check out the screen shots at the bottom of the page.

System Requirements Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 (800 x 600) is usable with adjustments
to the toolbar. No special CPU or memory requirements. Approximately 200 MB
free disk space is needed (Complete Install). Font Size should be set to Normal (Display Properties)

There are no adversising banners or nag screens in the trial.

Current Release 13.0.118


Click the link below to download a 15 day trial.

This Setup includes all PDF handbooks you choose
whether or not to install them.

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Screen Shots

The Main Window of the program with calculations shown.

Main Window

Main Window Selections.

Main Window Selection

Selection Stats.

Selection Stats

Selection Graph.

Selection Graph

Complete Reference Section












New Searchable Volume II Recipes of over 250,000 Loads.

Ballistic Basics Volume II load Listing

Ballistic Basics Volume II load Listing

Ballistic Basics Volume II load Listing

Ballistic Basics Volume II load Listing

BC Bullet Tables.

BC Tables

Clicking the [C] Button to the right of the BC will
launch the BC Adjustment Calculator.

BC Adjust

Scope Click Adjustments.

Scope Clicks

Scope Click Stock Printout

Calculate an Unknown BC by Bullet Design.

BC By Bullet design

Calculate an Unknown BC by Load Characteristics.

BC by load design

Calculate an Unknown BC by Sectional Density Model.

BC by SD Models

Compare up to 5 loads.

Ballistic Basics Load Comparison

Ballistic Basics Load Comparison

Ballistic Basics Load Comparison

New Cost Analysis Tool.

Cost savings

Inventory Log.

Inventory Tracker

New Emergency Sight-in Target.

Emergency sight-in target

Calculate Taylor KO Factors.

Ballistic Basics Taylor KO

Calculate Momentum.

Ballistic Basics Momentum Calculations

Case Specifications.

Case Specifications

Bullet Specifications.

Ballistic Basics Bullet Specifications

Calculate Twist and Bullet Length.

Ballistic Basics Calculate Bullet Twist Recomendations

Calculate Bullet Penetration.

Bullet Penetration

Target Analyzer.

Ballistic Basics Target Analysis

The Reloaders log.

Reloaders Log

Interior Ballistics Calculator.

Interior Ballistics

New Report Format

Ballistic Basics Reporting

Gun Inventory Log.

Gun Inventory Log

Specs for common boxed ammunition.

Boxed Ammo Log

Brass Case Log.

Brass Case Log

Bullet Casting Log.

Bullet Log

Correlation graph of the current data.

Ballistic Basics Graphs

Maximum Point Blank Range.

Maximum Point Blank Range

MPBR Resulting Tables.

MPBR Tables



Click the Palette Button to Adjust to the Window Colors You Like.


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Ballistic Basics Your all in One Ballistics and Reloading Software. Calculating your ammunition's ballistics performance at all ranges is key to making successful shots on targets and in the field. Using Ballistic Basics allows you to both analyze and understand a wide variety of ballistics information. Ballistic Basics helps you to improve your accuracy and performance by designing the optimal load for your gun and by letting you visualize how different ammunition component combinations can affect your ability to hit a target... so no more relying on traditional ballistics tables. Features